Posted by: megandnath | February 18, 2011

Lucky timing

After the high of spotting animals in Hluhluwe it wasn’t long before we reached a low point in our trip (or maybe a high depending on who’s perspective you look at it from!). Megs was catching several long flights back to NZ on Sunday evening and I was staying in South Africa with Jono for another 10 days.

As you can imagine after spending every waking moment together for 2 ½ months; putting up an taking down our portable home, packing bags, hand washing clothes, suffering through stifling heat and sharing the numerous wonders, which there are too many of to list, it was painful to say goodbye. Thankfully after flying all the way from Durban to Dubai to Bangkok and Sydney Megs eventually arrived home and after getting an email confirming this my heart could once again operate in a normal way!

Back down in Port Shepstone again Jono and I have begun the task of training some of his new facilitators. Outdoor Education is a relatively new concept in Africa and using experiential education to positively shape the lives of young people is something very few organistaions are doing here. Besides from Outward Bound and a few other small places you could say that Jono’s program is at the forefront of this in South Africa. Check it out at

 So how does the title of this blog relate to all that? Well it doesn’t really except for that late one night I was walking back to my room and spotted something in the tree above me, you might look at the picture below and think that its only a flower but this flower is very unique and nothing more than pure luck and great timing allowed me to see it.


Called Queen of the night this flower only blooms 1 night every year! Almost before our eyes it was slowly opening up and coming into full bloom, we quickly grabbed our cameras, climbed the tree and tried to capture this rare sight before it died for another year.

 I was pretty pleased with these shots as its not easy to get so much fine close up detail when shooting up a tree, in the dark and worrying about snakes!



  1. Hey Nate diddy d-dog! Those shots are pretty impressive, considering the conditions, what an amazing right place at the right time moment – so cool! Hope you’re not missing your fiance (hehehe) tooo much….

  2. Its not often that you are safer in South Africa than NZ – have a good trip home, hope you can get back safe and sound.

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