Posted by: megandnath | February 4, 2011

Day 53-55, The Rainbow Nation

The final leg of the journey has approached so fast I cant believe we are almost at the end. I have always loved Namibia and this visit was no exception; a clean, safe, well equipped country perfect for traveling in. Thankfully on this visit we explored a number of places I had never visited and it cemented my love of the place. If you want wide open landscapes, rugged mountains, to drive 500km in a day and only see 2 cars and some of the most sublime wilderness then Namibia is for you.

Our entry into South Africa was impacted on heavily by the governments decision to only allow SA registered vehicles in, something we found out well after we had started. This meant our English registered truck was not allowed in! The process of crossing the border was therefore much more complicated, requiring leaving one truck at the campground next to the border, transferring into another one to cross and then transferring into the other Africa In Focus vehicle, also English registered but already in the country when the rules changed. Finally we were on the road again and heading south towards Cape Town.

The Northern Cape province is about as populated as Namibia (as in no one lives there) and the terrain is covered in huge slabs of granite rock infiltrated b y small bushes and shrubs, occasionally a farm would add a slight difference but it was pretty obvious that rainfall was not a common thing. Our stop that night was at one of the regions premier wine farms in a tiny town called Trawal, supplying 30million liters of wine it had received several top class awards. Not being wine snobs ourselves we were reluctant to take part in the wine tasting but not wanting to be the odd ones out we decided to give it ago. We both came to realize we despise red wine but don’t mind a good glass of white, now we know how to drink it properly.

A shortish drive the next morning and we arrived at Table bay with its stunning view out over the Atlantic ocean towards Cape Town, Table Mountain and the famous Robbin Island. There is no doubt Cape Town is one of the worlds most beautiful cities thanks mostly to the towering Table mountain. After a walk on the beach and watching the numerous kite surfers ripping it up in the rough surf we headed away from Cape Town to Stellenbosch, another famous wine region.

We had dropped a few passengers along the way that afternoon so the final evening consisted of what we called ¨ The Top 10¨, our last night under the stars was spent remembering all the good experiences and funny stories over the last 2 months.

The next morning we spent a few hours shopping in stellenbosch and then it was straight into Cape Town and things were all over!

After 12,000km, 9 countries, 55 days with 47 of those putting up and taking down the tent, all but 1 of the big five and numerous other animals, hundreds of smiling faces, thousands of waving hands and enough amazing experiences to write a book about the overland adventure was sadly over. Well this one anyway…..


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