Posted by: megandnath | January 31, 2011

Day 42 – Cheetah park – Ooops I missed one!

After leaving Etosha National Park we drove South to a small town to do some shopping and internet, unfortunately northern Namibia’s internet connections have been terrible, not only slow but almost impossible to find. after leaving town we headed North again for a few hours to a campsite and Cheetah Park. The rain was pelting down again and we had to sit in the truck for an hour until it slowed down a bit, the campsite had become a river and finding a high/dry spot was a difficult task.

The Cheetah Park is home to 3 tame Cheetahs who live like domestic cats. They were born wild but raised around people from day 1 and have now become use to human contact. It was very cool to rub their heads and neck and listen to them pur like a domestic cat – only slightly bigger with sharp teeth and claws! Their fur felt just like a normal cat only a lot thicker. Meg took some time to relax but eventually got comfortable and even went in for a quick pat and photo.

Next we moved onto the wild Cheetahs, the farm has a very large area that houses 16 of them. Namibia is perfect Cheetah territory and a lot of farmers have problems with them attacking livestock so instead of shooting them they call the park who come to remove them and re locate them to a safe area. Most days the feed the Cheetahs donkey meat so we tagged along on the back of a truck and watched the spectacle. There was no doubt these animals were completely wild and if you made a wrong move you could end up in a bad way.

It was a great photo opportunity and an awesome way to get close to an animal you usually only see from quiet far away, if you see them at all.


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